Experiential and Experience Design (Content)

9/11 MEMORIAL MUSEUM HISTORICAL EXHIBITION: several video & audio exhibitions detailing the actions of first responders, civilians assisting one another, and the experiences of people near the attacks.

content development: video & audio editing. Produced by design firm, Local Projects. More Information: https://www.911memorial.org/historical-exhibition

SLIDESHOW REVISITED | FATHER FOCUS: An homage to my late father, Max Ted Zell (1927-1989), the first person to export Minolta cameras out of Japan. Viewers advance a (hacked) carousel slide projector and are surprised to see the “slides” move on the screen. They are not slides, but rather, animations of photographs documenting the beginning of the worldwide shift to Japanese consumer cameras, away from professional German ones, dominating the field at the time.
MY ROLE: concept, design, fabrication, & content creation. Presented at NYU’s ITP’s Spring Show 2011.

TURN ME ON/OFF: an out-of-home interactive display controlled by passers by. They control the light bulbs by tapping a digital image of an oversized light switch (via micro-controller and vibration sensor). Displayed in a NYU window on Waverly Place and Broadway, NYC.

concept and digital content creation. Produced at NYUs ITP, co-designed with Matt Richardson and Kaitlin Till-Landry.

WHO BOOTH: an interactive booth where girls map their aspirations to inspirational women throughout history. An “aspirations menu” asks “what do you want to be?” and the user’s choice unlocks a role play experience with sound, interactive signatures, video recording, and face substitution. The girls can then share their experience with a video or a printed postcard.
concept, design, fabrication, & content creation. Produced as a final thesis at NYU’s ITP.

EAT YOU UP: an edible video sculpture exploring the boundaries of video intimacy. Looped video of children is projected into vessels of jello, one child in each, and spoons nearby invite viewers to taste. Inspired by Goya’s Saturn Eating His Children.

MY ROLE: concept, content creation, fabrication. Co-produced at NYU’s ITP with Mira Stroika.

MONSTER MIRROR: an interactive out-of-home experience appearing to be a vintage Hollywood-style dressing mirror. When approached, it replaces the viewer’s face with a curated set of ghoulish images.

MY ROLE: concept, design, content creation fabrication. Produced at NYU’s ITP and shown as a window display on Mercer Street, NYC. Co-produced with Allison Berman. Custom software built upon the work of Jason Saragih and Kyle MacDonald, with technical support from Johnny Lu and Matthew Parker.

EISENHOWER E-MEMORIAL: an augmented reality app designed as a companion to Frank Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial. It enables visitors to view historical footage within the context of the physical memorial.

participated in ideation and content mock-up. Designed and produced by media design firm, Local Projects. Image shown here is from the website for the memorial. More Information: http://www.eisenhowermemorial.org

IN SIGHT ON SITE: an augmented reality app for video endorsements in situ. Shown above is Michele Obama delivering a video endorsement for The Lower Eastside Girls Club. The video is triggered by a strategically placed QR code in the physical space, and overlaid upon a live image of the room (as seen through a mobile device’s camera). Presented as a final at ITP for Ien Cheng (owner of Grasshopper Games & former Chief of Staff at Bloomberg).

concept, design, content creation. Produced at NYU’s ITP.

“CHOOSE THE DRIVING EXPERIENCE YOU WANT," MICHELIN: an interactive experience that aims to change the way people shop for tires. Michelin’s goal was to not only have people better understand the tires they should purchase, but to engage them emotionally, based on their needs and aspirations.

content lead responsible absorbing research about driver types and the "feel” of tires, then creating a taxonomy and nomenclature based on the findings. Produced by experiential design firm, Infusion.

"SCENT DECORATOR," AIRWICK: an online interactive tool that offers photographs as a means to discover desired moods for the home.

MY ROLE: content lead responsible for absorbing scientific research about scent’s connection to emotions, then creating a taxonomy, a visual/copy style guide, and curation model, based on the research findings. Produced by Droga5 for Air Wick. PUNDITRY: https://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickhanlon/2015/04/20/branding-with-your-eyes-closed/#4b742692688e https://lbbonline.com/news/droga5-nys-air-wick-scent-decorator-matches-your-mood-for-your-home/


content lead responsible for the interface copy on 12 scent category detail pages, as well as mapping all photos, home décor tips, and DIY projects to those categories.

MORGAN STANLEY’S REDESIGN (WEBBY AWARD): an overhaul redesign, featuring editorial style content on the homepage.

MY ROLE: content lead responsible for performing a content audit and gap analysis against brand values as well as in and out-of-category competitive analysis, to provide recommendations for the new site, based on the findings. Produced by Sapient Nitro. https://www.webbyawards.com/winners/2016/websites/general-website/financial-services-banking/morgan-stanley-website-redesign/

CADILLAC’S DARE GREATLY (NATIVE ADVERTISING AWARD): an editorial site named after Cadillac’s new motto “dare greatly," where pieces about progressive culture from Condé Nast and Hearst properties, live alongside branded automotive content.

content lead responsible for auditing existing Condé Nast and Hearst lifestyle content, sponsored by Cadillac, creating site’s taxonomy, curation model, and editorial calendar. Produced by Publicis North America’s New York office. https://www.nativeadvertising.com/announcing-the-winners-of-the-2016-native-creatives-awards/