Experience & Experiential Design

CITIBANK, STAYGOLD: a hub for content to support their premiere banking and investing product, Citigold, that promises to “help sustain & grow your lifestyle in the city you love.” Content is a mix of custom made & 3rd party media-lead (The New York Times), to date. Produced by Publicis New York.

Currently live: http://citi.us/2kvJmKd

MY ROLE: content strategy lead: site planning and content curation.

CADILLAC’S DARE GREATLY: a hub for the brand’s new moto “dare greatly," where branded content lives alongside unbranded content about progressive culture from partnerships with Condé Nast and Hearst properties, as well as other major publications. Produced by Publicis New York. Currently live: http://www.daregreatly.com

MY ROLE: content lead responsible for site’s taxonomy and curation model.

TOYOTA’S MIRAI NEWS: a curated collection of articles about their hydrogen-fueled car, Mirai, and about the Hydrogen Economy in general. People can comment on articles in the corresponding forum, called The Conversation. Produced by Droga5 for Toyota. Currently live: http://www.toyota.com/mirai/feed.html

MY ROLE: content lead responsible for curating the page as well as contributing to overall experience design.

MORGAN STANLEY REFRESH: enterprise redesign produced by SapientNitro. MY ROLE: content lead on audit, gap analysis, & recommendations. Currently live: http://www.morganstanley.com

AIR WICK’S SCENT DECORATOR: an online interactive tool that offers photographs as a means to discover desired moods for the home. Produced by Droga5 for Air Wick. Currently live on: http://www.airwick.us/scent-decorator/

MY ROLE: content lead – mapped scientific research about mood as expressed through scent, color, texture, and real-life scenarios to products and home décor ideas.

FORD SYNC SUPPORT REDESIGN: enterprise redesign produced by Razorfish. Currently live: http://www.ford.com/technology/sync

MY ROLE: content strategist – CMS requirements & governance.

IN CONTEXT: an “in context” button provides New York Times readers with the ability to access related articles from their extensive archive. The point of departure article appears in black to distinguish it from the related content below. Tags in upper right are dynamic and can be modified. Co-designed at ITP with Diana Huang and Spike McCue & presented to The NY Times. Coincidentally, shortly after we presented, they released a similar product with the support of The Nieman Foundation: http://www.niemanlab.org/2012/01/meet-deep-dive-the-new-york-times-experimental-context-engine-and-story-explorer/

MY ROLE: concept & content strategist.

EISENHOWER E-MEMORIAL: an augmented reality app designed as a companion to Frank Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial. It enables visitors to view historical footage within the context of the physical memorial. Designed and produced by media design firm, Local Projects. Image shown here is from the website for the memorial. More Information: http://www.eisenhowermemorial.org

MY ROLE: ideation & content mock-up.

9/11 MEMORIAL MUSEUM: videa and audio exhibitions detailing both first responders' as well as citizens' reactions to the attack. Principal video and audio editor of historical exhibitions. Produced by design firm, Local Projects. Images shown here are pulled from the 9/11 Memorial website. More information: http://www.911memorial.org/museum

MY ROLE: content development / video & audio editing.

IN SIGHT ON SITE: an augmented reality app for video endorsements in situ. Shown here is Michele Obama delivering a video endorsement for The Lower Eastside Girls Club. The video is crafted to be overlaid upon a live image of the room (as seen through a mobile device’s camera) and is triggered by a QR code strategically placed in the physical space. Presented as a final at ITP for Ien Cheng (owner of Grasshopper Games & former Chief of Staff at Bloomberg).

MY ROLE: concept, designer, content creation.

WHO BOOTH: an interactive booth where girls map their aspirations to inspirational women throughout history. An “aspirations menu” asks “what do you want to be?” and the user’s choice unlocks a role play experience with sound, interactive signatures, video recording, and face substitution. Shown above is a sharable artifact from the Zora Neale Hurston experience, her face overlaid upon an 11 year old girl’s with Ms. Hurston’s signature below. MY ROLE: concept, design, fabrication, & content creation.

SLIDESHOW REVISITED: an interactive homage to my father, Max Ted Zell (1927-1989), a marketing pioneer who helped establish cameras as consumers products in the middle of the twentieth century.

Viewers advance a carousel slide projector and are surprised to see the “slides” move. What they are seeing are in fact not slides, but rather animations of photographs documenting some of the first deals ever made to have cameras exported out of Japan. Custom hardware and software enclosed in slide projector. Presented at ITP’s Spring Show 2011.

MY ROLE: concept, design, fabrication, & content creation.

MONSTER MIRROR: an interactive out-of-home experience appearing to be a vintage Hollywood-style dressing mirror. When approached, it replaces the viewer’s face with a curated set of ghoulish images. Shown here as a window display on Mercer Street, NYC.

Custom software build upon the work of Jason Saragih and Kyle MacDonald with technical support. from Matthew Parker. Fabricated at ITP with Allison Berman.

MY ROLE: concept, design, content creation.

TURN ME ON/OFF: an out-of-home interactive display controlled by passerby’s. They control the light bulbs by tapping a digital image of an oversized light switch (via micro-controller and vibration sensor). Displayed in a NYU window on Waverly Place and Broadway, NYC. Co-designed with Matt Richardson and Kaitlin Till-Landry.

MY ROLE: concept and digital content creation.

KITE SONG: a souped-up kite that makes music with the wind when you fly it. A wind sensor is attached to the kite to transform wind into numeric data. The data becomes music on the ground with the help of a micro controller, Processing software, and wireless communication. Proof of concept presented at ITP’s Winter Show 2010, co-designed with Barbara Mack.

MY ROLE: video & audio content creation, proof-of-concept fabrication.

MAGICAL APOCALYPSE: RUNTIMES!: a multi-screen interactive show broadcast on public access TV (MNN of New York City) where a live macabre host distracts viewers from the end of the world. He urges them to vote on apocalyptic short films, based on .gif previews online. Co-created as a group final at ITP, group included Matthew Rader, Jackson Snellings, Sara Suberman, and Kate Watson.

MY ROLE: concept, content creation, direction of live action in studio.

EAT YOU UP: an edible video sculpture exploring the boundaries of video intimacy. Looped video of children is projected into vessels of jello, one child in each, and spoons nearby invite viewers to taste. Inspired by Goya’s Saturn Eating His Children. Co-conceived at ITP with Mira Stroika.

MY ROLE: concept, content creation, fabrication.